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History Research

DR Hywel Maslen History Researcher
Dr Hywel Maslen History Research

Undertaking history research in London in the United Kingdom it is also important to me to spend some time exploring history research abroad.

This year I decided to leave London for the summer and spend some time in Rome to explore history research in a city seen by many as one of the most historic cities in Europe. Certainly the number of fellow tourists in Rome in August seem to share that view!

Through the quite intense heat in Rome this summer, it was possible to see how history research informs many of the main attractions and their visitors. Many of the guides that can help you explore Rome use the latest history research to embellish their tours which was very pleasing to engage with. They are constantly updating their presentations to ensure that, year on year, they can deliver the most recent developments in history research to ensure even returning tourists can increase their understanding of this wonderful city.

Furthermore, history research was evident in many of the static signs and brochures that were available in the main attractions that had been updated in the Spring of 2017 for the pending summer season when many from overseas, like myself, plan their trips to Italy.

This thirst for the latest history research was evident outside Rome. I travelled through the country from Switzerland. It was possible to see the churches in the northern lakes, at the towers in the quite beautiful city of Bologna and in the well-trodden attractions in Florence, all had taken the quieter winter months to use the most current history research to keep things fresh at their attractions and sites.

Use the Archival Researcher for your History Research

If you have a need to update the history research for your current project, organisation or attraction then please do not hesitate to contact me so that I can help you ensure that you have the most current history research.

For advice on any history research or a free quote then contact me on 07734739167 if you are in the United Kingdom or +44 7734739167 from outside the United Kingdom or please email me:


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