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Historical Researcher.

Move forward with greater confidence.

A historical researcher provides knowledge to help you better understand the present and move forward with greater confidence.

Many never have the need of a historical researcher. Appointing one can be, at first, an unsettling prospect for some.

As a professional historical researcher it is my duty to be aware of these sensitivities. I work respectfully with you on your project to understand the core objectives. The expertise of my research skills as a historical researcher are then deployed to fulfill your requirements. I can deliver the project in a format that suits your needs. I can write a report, take digital photographs, undertake some interviews or add content to your website.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a piece of historical research.

Historical researcher services

There are no limits to the size or type of project that I work on as a historical researcher.

Neither is there any difference in service between individual clients and organisations. Each enquiry is important for me because the content is equally important for each client.

It is often the case that I help embellish some solid research that already exists or start a fresh project.

My role as a historical researcher can be combined with that of an archival digital photographer.

Project work

I can be commissioned to undertake a role as part of a funded project.

I am happy to coordinate with multiple members of an organisation to share the research material.

I can attend meetings regularly of your organisation to update members on progress.

It is my pleasure to speak publicly about the research at an event on behalf of an institution.

I am also happy to assist with any administration related to the research, particularly liaising with bodies to release funding.

The Spy Behind the Home Plate

Dr Hywel Maslen was appointed as a historical researcher to work on the documentary film ‘The Spy Behind the Home Plate’ by Aviva Kempner.

This involved me working at the National Archives to find archival material to empbellish the research for the film, which I also contributed an interview towards on intelligence work during the Second World War.

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