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Digital Archival Photographer.

Bring your research or project to life.

A digital archival photographer brings your research or project to life.

Creating a visual impact of your research can be invaluable.

Many academics and researchers need images of official records from archives for their work. Organisations or institutions often need photographs to use in advertising their work, publish on a website or use in an exhibition.

As a digital archival photographer for ten years I have helped my clients realise their objectives. Because I have experience of publishing my own work, I understand that quality images can be vital and the often difficult processess in obtaining images.

I can help create the digital images that suit your technical specification for publication. My digital archival photographs are regularly used on television, in publications, on websites and for promotional material.

I have experience as a digital archival photographer of taking images of documents dating over the last 500 years.

If you think that you need professional digital images of archival records then please contact me and we can discuss your requirements.

It is my duty to exercise respect for the archival material at all times.

Further information from a digital archival photographer

Archival digital photographer Dr Hywel Maslen image of archival document

Conducting digital photography of documents and records successfully requires an understanding of how to handle them properly.

Some of the records that I handle often appear as if they have never been opened. Even with the greatest care, the dye in the cover of some records can permeate onto the foam supports that they rest upon.

As a digital archival photographer it is my duty to exercise respect for the archival material at all times. Therefore, the process can sometimes be time-consuming but rewarding work. Please be assured that I will be in touch with you as the process of photography is taking place so that you are fully aware of the time it is likely to take.

Once the process is complete at the archive, I can process the digital images for your criteria and then deliver them to you when they are ready.

If this is type of service that would suit you then please contact me so we can discuss your requirements.

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