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Historical Researcher in 2017

As a historical researcher working in London and the United Kingdom I engage with many different topics and time periods at a variety of archives and libraries. This is owing to the fact that I work as a historical researcher with private individuals, companies and organisations on a number of diverse projects.

In the last year as a historical researcher in London my topics of research included some international history such as developments in British embassies in the Ottoman Empire, trade and shipping in East Asia in the nineteenth century and construction in the West Indies during the eighteenth century.

Some engaging research was also undertaken as a historical researcher on twentieth century Britain including developments of deportation of politically undesirable individuals, the reception of refugees, the history of block printing in England and disturbances in the prison system by inmates.

Going a little further back in time, I worked on an exciting project as a historical researcher on trade from the port of London in the fifteenth century, punishment in the British army in the eighteenth century and nursing in Britain in the nineteenth century.

As always, military history featured prominently this year as a historical researcher, with both World War One and World War Two occupying most of my time. From life in the trenches during World War One, I did some historical research on the life of several soldiers that fought on the Western Front in 1916 and 1917. Given the centenary remembrance of this conflict, it has been particularly poignant as a historical researcher to undertake this duty.

Using Archival Researcher as your Historical Researcher

If you are in need of a historical researcher and think I may be able to assist you with your project then please feel free to give me a call or for a free quote on 07734739167 or +44 7734739167 or email me:

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