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Media Researcher – often anonymous but rightly so.

Media researcher

Undertaking media research often means signing a non-disclosure agreement. Being silent on research undertaken is important for many projects.

Anonymous and rightly so

It is understandable why this is the case. Many media companies spend years on specific projects. Talking about it on social media or elsewhere could jeopardise the deployment of extensive resources. For example, a competitor could copy the idea.

Sometimes non-disclosure includes that my input does not appear in production credits. Such instances are not a concern. Many clients have presented my work satisfied with the results. It is a warm feeling to know my research is enriching their intellectual property.

Social media posts often seek to illuminate what an individual or organisation has achieved. Not all those contributing to that success are credited. This is true for me despite working as an individual.

Seeking an independent researcher for media

Many seek my services because I am able to provide an unbiased viewpoint. This may simply enrich their knowledge on a topic. Essentially my duty is to provide information based on empirical research and it is a highly rewarding one.

My media research has involved projects for mainly film, television, radio and design agencies. Experience to quickly grasp the essence of subjects in historical research helps me here. Adapting to client needs in media sectors is similar.

Topics and media research

Topically, media research has mostly included music, companies, individuals and major historical events. In this work I have used archival, audio recordings, secondary printed materials and internet sources. These sources are used frequently in my independent historical research also.

Many in media have excellent research skills evident in projects I assist. Archival research tends to be where I provide help to media clients. Cataloguing methods means finding information is difficult for non-regular users of an archive. Also, familiarity with official records often means that I extrapolate critical elements more efficiently.

The archives I use most frequently are the National Archives, British Library and Imperial War Museum.

Please get in touch with me from the media

If you are working in media and think that hiring an independent researcher with archival and historical knowledge will help then please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your project here.

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