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Researcher at archives

An unusual job researcher…

Archive researcher is an unusual job in many ways. Many will know I am based in the United Kingdom. Many of my clients need my archive researcher services from abroad so I never meet them. We do have very detailed email communication instead. This is a very important part of my job that I enjoy. Over ten years typing away means I have learned to type quickly though!

Email is a good way to form a working relationship as an archive researcher but I also like talking to my clients. Usually this is using the old-fashioned telephone. However, I like to use video conferencing or calling software also. There are many different versions with Skype and Facebook proving to be popular. Please get in touch here if you would like to call and discuss a project.

It is common for clients to start their research then seek an archive researcher to help. This is a very good start for the relationship between my clients and I. When there is already work on a project I am adept at picking up the research. Sometimes I can help clients find new research sources. Please contact me here if you need help with an on-going research project.

More than one archive researcher?

An archive researcher works often with other researchers on projects with a client. Sometimes a project can benefit from having more than one archive researcher. In these circumstances I am happy to work with another archive researcher. Most cases this has happened has been on book projects. Communication is important and this is one of my main skills.

History and media

History is often the focus of my archive researcher but I work in many areas. Media has begun to be as popular. In the past I have worked for a number of well-known media organisations producing film and television. If you are a media company looking for an archive researcher in the United Kingdom then please contact me here.

Most of my archive researcher work is self-directed once the project outputs have been agreed. It does allow freedom to work by oneself in certain circumstances. It is crucial to ensure that communication with the client is maintained. Reporting is therefore a crucial part of my work. During the course of a project I am happy to report and demonstrate progress. If this sounds good for you then please contact me here.

Hiring an archive researcher

Many find the prospect of hiring an archive researcher a daunting prospect. This is because it is not something that is common. The project that you are considering may need a researcher or you may be able to do some of the research yourself. Please feel free to get in touch with me here if you would like to and discuss your needs. I will be happy to provide any advice or assistance.

Researching at an archive

As an archive researcher most of my work involves working at archives in the United Kingdom. Familiarity with an archive and their catalogue can help speed the research process along. At the National Archives I have been researching there for over fifteen years. My extensive experience using different sources, such as microfilms, means the research process is not impeded. This is why it can be beneficial to hire a professional archive researcher.

My professional qualifications come from historical research. It appears to me that research skills gained in this field are very valuable to clients. This is because a number of disciplines come to me when they need an archive researcher. If you need an archive researcher with these skills then please get in touch here.

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