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World War Two Researcher

As a World War Two researcher over the past decade I have worked on a considerable number of aspects of the conflict. The main archives that I use as a World War Two researcher are the National Archives and the Imperial War Museum. Both are located in London in the United Kingdom.

Hiring a World War Two researcher for your own project can be a daunting prospect. It could be a very specific topic that you are seeking for your needs as an individual or as an organisation. Please be assured that as a World War Two researcher I have developed an extensive knowledge of the conflict. I would be delighted to assist you with your research.

A World War Two Researcher for Individuals

For most individual clients the most frequent work as a World War Two researcher is that of completing the history of a person in one of the armed services. Over the past ten years army, navy and air force cases have been explored in all the major theatres of war.

In terms of the British army, North Africa and Italy are where a fair proportion of my work as a World War Two researcher is. More recent interpretations of the conflict from the British perspective have highlighted that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill thought the Suez Canal was vital for victory. This view was shared among the Allies. Defeating the Axis forces in North Africa before moving up Italy to Germany was pursued. Many serving in the British army therefore engaged in this programme.

Histories of naval personnel have seen me research D-Day, arctic convoys and the isles of Greece as a World War Two researcher. Of all the armed services, naval personnel are often more difficult to explore. Sometimes the service record has shore bases but not vessels served on. Nonetheless, in most cases this can be resolved.

The air force played a key role in the defence of Britain during the early years of the war. Many of my cases regarding service histories as a World War Two researcher focus on this period. Many of the records for this passage of the conflict have been digitised and viewed regularly. However, training facilities for pilots and other airmen attended require my attention. This helps as a World War Two researcher to ensure that the entire course of service is represented.

A World War Two Researcher for Organisations

Many organisations have a wider set of circumstances than individuals for their need to hire a World War Two researcher. Last year as a World War Two researcher I explored the network of different radio facilities in Western Europe. These played a significant supporting role not only to aircraft but also to ships navigating in waters patrolled by Axis U-boats. It has been exceptionally engaging to learn of the varying qualities of wavelengths and transmitters. Also the sometimes quite extraordinary locations that these were deployed.

Most recently my work as a World War Two researcher has seen me examine the role of Special Operations Executive (SOE). This includes interplay with their American counterpart the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). In this work many diverse locations across occupied Europe have been explored. This revealed some tension between the Allied intelligence communities existed despite there being a common foe. However, it would be wrong to suggest this dominated the relationship. But it certainly played a role in how resources and personnel were deployed in the conflict.

Another facet of my work as World War Two researcher has been to determine how British embassies and consulates functioned during the Second World War. This has been quite demanding work. This is owing to the fact that there are a great many records to examine in this regard. Most of this work has centred upon how there was a “business as usual” ethnic among Civil Servants. They had to maintain certain functions during a time of great upheaval globally. Diplomacy did not cease to function and actually, in some cases, it increased exponentially. Britain and her Allies sought to cement relationships with many countries that were not actively engaged in combat roles. These were, however, supplying resources to the Allied cause.

Use Archival Researcher as your World War Two researcher

If you are in need of a World War Two researcher and think I may be able to assist you with your project then please click here to contact me or please feel free to give me a call or for a free quote on 07734739167 or +44 7734739167 or email me:

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