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Transcription Services.

Transcription is producing a text of a usually hand-written document that is more easily read than the original. This process often involves providing some background research on personalities, places or events to help with overall comprehension.

Over the past fifteen years, transcription has been an important part of my academic and professional work as both a Research Associate and an independent researcher.

There have been many advances in computer software in recognising particularly printed text over this period of time. Hand-written documents remain difficult to process accurately through computer software with manual transcription more frequently required.

Final results do depend on the physical condition of the document and the handwriting of the author whichever method is used.

Some documents have damage including creases, rips, stains or physical disintegration which can prevent complete or accurate transcription, whilst official stamps on documents or the binding of the material can also be impediments to a perfect result.

Every author is almost unique in the way they physically write on the page with some texts posing the same problems for definitive transcribing when letters or words are missing or incorrectly formed.

The text can contain a number of matters requiring additional research or analysis, with abbreviations, jargon, words or names in a foreign language and incorrect spellings being notable examples.

My scope in transcribing documents in English and French starts from circa 1700 with other languages possible upon request.

Should you require transcription services for your personal, academic or professional purposes then please contact me here.

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