historical archival research

Research Organisation and Analysis

You have finished your research. Now here comes the hard part… Research organisation and analysis.

As a researcher with experience of working on large research projects, it has often the case that there a moment where all the research material gathered has be organised and analysed. It is often an exciting as well as a daunting moment.

Help is at hand.

My research organisation and analysis services might be able to help you with your case, report or project. However, these are suited to working with research material gathered in the social sciences.



Some projects require additional personnel to assist with the organisation and analysis of research material.

Below I thought it might be useful to go through some of the experience and skills I have with research organisation that might suit your project needs.

Reviewing research material for accession into a searchable database or online catalogue

Writing short descriptive extracts for a database or catalogue

Writing reports on specific tracts of research material

Extrapolating numerical or written data from images and then entering this into a database or catalogue

Renaming and organising images into a preferred order


It is becoming more common for research to be published on a website as well as in print publications. I am happy in producing material for either real or virtual publishing.

However, I am highly proficient in adding, amending or removing content from websites that use WordPress.

I can write for the website, re-size photographs for publishing that will not slow down load time of the website and add internal and external links.

Technical Aspects of research organisation and analysis

There are a number of computer software packages and specific functions that I use for my research organisation and analysis which I am outlining so that you see if these are compatible with your method of working.

I am highly proficient in a number of Microsoft packages including Word, Excel and Powerpoint. This includes using advanced features in Word, such as comments, and features such as macros in Excel.

When extrapolating text or numerical data from digital images I use software including Abby Fine Reader.


If any of these services seem to meet your requirements then please contact me by clicking this link as soon as you are ready to discuss your project.