historical archival research

Independent Researcher

An independent researcher is a valuable asset for individuals and organisations seeking an impartial viewpoint or expert opinion on a given topic.

Dr Hywel Maslen independent researcher working in an archive

It is quite normal for me as an independent researcher to examine small or large enquiries on different subjects. This can be anything from tracing an individual, examining a location or object or exploring an event.

Some pieces of independent research are relatively straightforward, while others are more complex and can take months. This can mean me researching at archives, libraries, record offices, on the internet or by conducting in-depth personal interviews to attain the information for you.

Please be assured that as an independent researcher all of the work that I undertake is in the strictest confidence.

If you have a piece of independent research that requires expert investigation then please contact me here to discuss your requirements.


Further Information

A note on undertaking work as an independent researcher

Working as an independent researcher for clients that are individuals or organisations is equally important to me. There is no difference in the service whatsoever.

Nonetheless, there are a few things that I am used to doing working in a project setting and can do for you. This includes assisting with research administration, communicating and working with members in your organisation, attending meetings to make progress updates and speak publicly about the research at an event for the organisation.

Some of the topics of interest for independent research

There have been a wide-range of subject areas that I have worked on as an independent researcher. I thought it might prove useful if you were thinking of whether I am suitable to work for you to see if your area of interest is similar.

Dr Hywel Maslen independent researcher image of part of Berlin wall

Politics – Territorial disputes between nation states during the Cold War era

– Responding to corruption; official responses to rapid development in the New World

Economic History – Consequences of the failure of reparation payments for emerging European economies in 1919

CultureTrends in the movement of art in the twentieth century

Society –  The impact of government intervention in agriculture on rural communities in England  

– Violence in South American countries 1960-1970

Military History – The transition between the Axis and the Allies: Holland 1943-1946


Please get in touch with me if you would like to discuss me working on a project for you as an independent researcher here.


Recent project as an Independent Researcher

In 2015 Dr Hywel Maslen was appointed as an independent researcher to work on the Heritage Lottery funded project for Uppingham Town Council to develop some existing research for the website for  their Uppingham Heritage Trail; a sign-posted walk through a picturesque working town in the county of Rutland.

This involved working with Uppingham Town Council, attending regular meetings and working independently across the country. I also undertook archival digital photography for publication and created a website. You can see all of these elements on the website by clicking this link here.