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A Warm Welcome to Archival Researcher. 

I seek to assist your archival research from the United Kingdom as an independent researcher.

Being an independent archival researcher provides flexibility for the location or topic of the research.

There are a number of services provided in finding and accessing archival sources or working with research material you already have.

All projects are considered whether you are an individual, group or organisation. Please contact me as soon as you would like to discuss your requirements by clicking here.


My archival research is conducted in the United Kingdom, or possibly further afield, with several types of services listed below. Please click on the links to go to each service in more detail:

About me

Dr Hywel Maslen

My name is Dr Hywel Maslen. I am currently an independent archival researcher having come from an academic background with a Ph.D. in History from the University of Edinburgh, publishing a book on post-war European migration available here, and an appointed Research Associate at the University of Nottingham.     

Spending extensive periods of time researching for these academic roles at the National Archives at Kew in London for over ten years allowed me to develop extensive experience and a profound desire to work more regularly with original documents in the future. Subsequently an application was made and accepted for me to be recognised as an independent researcher by the National Archives and appear on their official website.  

Focusing on this independent archival research work over the last decade has been highly rewarding after becoming involved with people and projects from across the planet. This work has featured in international films, national television, printed material and online content.