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Archival research enriches

It is therefore important that the archival researcher is as accurate as possible to meet your expectations.

The fact that most do not regularly seek an independent archival researcher means appointing one can be, at first, an unsettling prospect for some.

With these considerations in mind, I work closely with you to quickly understand your project, its significance to you, and where the archival research fits in.

It then falls to the expertise of my research skills to fulfill the requirements and deliver the historical research in a format that suits your needs.

Please contact me as soon as you would like to discuss the piece of archival independent historical research you would like to start by clicking here.


I am now offering professional archival research anywhere in the United Kingdom, or further afield, and offer a number of services. Please click on the links below to go to each service in more detail:

About me

Dr Hywel Maslen

My name is Dr Hywel Maslen. I am an independent historical archival researcher based in the United Kingdom. My career has been surrounded by scholarship. After my graduation with a Ph.D. in History from the University of Edinburgh I published a book on post-war European migration available from Lambert Academic Publishing by clicking this link here.     

After publication I was appointed as Research Associate on an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project ‘Traffic and Trade on the River Trent’ at the University of Nottingham. This involved me undertaking extensive archival research and digital archival photography at a number of archives, record offices and libraries, and publishing an article from this research. 

My work as an independent historical archival researcher has seen me recognised on the National Archives website. My research involves me working across the United Kingdom, using documents, printed literature, film, audio and online content.